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Speaking Engagements

  • On Health and Happiness , Nexus Global Youth Summit, United Nations/New School, New York City, NY 2017 (Click here for address and video)


  • A New Paradigm in Personalized Health Care, National Institute of Traditional Medicine, Thimpu, Bhutan 2017; and Family Offices Association, Martha's Vineyard, MA 2016

  • Re-Generation of Self, Culture, and Future, Nexus Global Youth Summit, United Nations, New York City, NY 2016

  • Important Methods to Reduce Hypoxic Tumor Microenvironment (HTM) for Oncologic Patients, Best Answer for Cancer Conference, San Diego, CA 2016

  • The Role of Kaqun Water in Daily Practice, Kaqun Headquarters, Budapest, Hungary 2015; and 4th International Kaqun Conference, Los Angeles, CA 2015

  • Conversing with the Body’s Intelligence via Measuring Point Conductivity, Best Answer for Cancer Conference, Reno, NV; and Curing the Incurables Conference, St. Louis, MO 2015

  • BioInformational Medicine: Case Studies and the 8 Phases of Health, A4M Conference, Orlando, FL 2014

  • Regulation, 8 Phase System & Pleo Sanum Case Studies, Tempe, AZ, 2013

  • Electro Smog, Electro Dermal Screening and Case Studies, A4M Conference, Las Vegas, NV, 2012

  • Lifestyle Diseases and Case Studies, Sanum Conference, Medicine Week, Baden-Baden, Germany, 2012

  • Regulation and Pleo-Sanum, National College of Natural Medicine, 2011

  • Biological Medicine and Pleo-Sanum, Southwest College of Natural Medicine, 2010

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